How To Grow
Mushrooms on Hardwood

Learn To Grow Mushrooms on Hardwood

Why Grow Mushrooms On Hardwood?

Oyster mushrooms are incredibly versatile growing on both straw and hardwood but some mushrooms like lion’s mane, reishi and turkey tail require a hardwood substrate to grow on.

Hardwood loving mushrooms can be grown on logs or alternatively on hardwood fuel pellets (HWFP). These hardwood fuel pellets can often be obtained at your local barbecue supply store.

open a mushroom growing kit

What Is Masters' Mix?

Masters’ mix is an excellent substrate recipe. It’s supercharged with soy hulls to give it that extra kick. Master’s mix is very prone to contamination due to the extra nutrition and therefore must be sterilised then inoculated using aseptic technique.

Masters’ mix encourages the first flush to be larger than normal resulting in the remaining flushes to be smaller. This makes it a very productive way to cultivate mushrooms where space is limited allowing for quicker turnover.

Learn To Grow Lion's Mane

Have you always wanted to try fresh lion’s mane mushroom but can’t find it at the market? Try growing your own for a fraction of the price. 

How To Load A Pressure Cooker

It sounds scary, right? I’d never used a pressure cooker until I started growing mushrooms. Are you unsure of how it should be packed?  Have you had any shattered bottles or burst bags? Stop wasting resources today and learn to pack your pressure cooker to reduce waste.

Growing Reishi

Did you know that you can manipulate how reishi grows? Not only is reishi full of beneficial medicinal compounds but it’s also a work of art. Learn to grow your own fungal sculptures with our video tutorial and guide.

How Do I Open A Mushroom Fruiting Block?

When opening a mushroom fruiting block we want to expose the substrate to fresh air to encourage the formation of primordia or pins. We want to direct the formation of mushrooms outside the bag where they can grow freely. To do this we minimise air within the bag. I prefer to make small incision as opposed to a large opening. A small cut will encourage fewer but larger mushrooms while retaining more moisture. Whereas a large opening may encourage the inverse.

Do You Want To Take The Next Step?

A mushroom grow kit is a block of supplemented sawdust that has been sterilised and inoculated with a live mycelium culture in lab conditions.

It’s really simple to use and perfect for the beginner looking to learn about mushroom growing and how to maintain excellent fruiting conditions.

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