What Is Grain Spawn
and Liquid Culture?

Learn How To Make
Grain Spawn and Liquid Culture

What Is Grain Spawn?

Grain spawn is our little known secret weapon in the world of mushroom cultivation. It’s made from sterilised grains that have been inoculated with a live mycelium culture.

Grain spawn contains a lot of energy for our mycelium to consume. It’s a bit like rocket fuel for mushrooms. Once it’s added to your substrate it takes off like wild fire. 

Mother Nature works her magic using spores but in a controlled environment you need to tip the scales in your favour by using clean high-quality grain spawn so you are doing your best to ensure success. 

What Is Liquid Culture?

Liquid culture is a live mycelium culture that has been cultivated in a sugar water broth. It’s highly effective for inoculating large quantities of grain spawn in very little time. Quantities of 1 ml per 1 kg of spawn may be used however for faster colonisation rates we recommend using more to increase the inoculation points.

Liquid culture is great for inoculating species like lion’s mane which tends to fruit prematurely or wine caps which can others colonise the grain spawn slowly if using agar directly.

Despite sounding complex liquid culture is cheap and easy to produce. It reminds me of producing kombucha with just a few more steps.

How To Make Reusable Culture Jars

These reusable culture jars are an essential part of any budding mushroom cultivator’s arsenal. These jars can be used to sterilise grains and sugar solution in order to make grain spawn and liquid culture while working in a non-laboratory environment.

Grain Spawn & Liquid Culture Jars

How To Inoculate With Liquid Culture

Are you worried that you need an expensive HEPA filter to make your own grain spawn? Using liquid culture you can inoculate sterilised grains with minimal risk of contamination. Learn how to inoculate grain spawn with liquid culture at home to consistently produce high-quality grain spawn.

What Is A Grain To Grain Transfer?

Did you know that mycelium works a bit like a sour dough starter? Did you know that you can transfer the mycelium culture from one batch of grain spawn to another? Learn how to inoculate sterilised grains using reusable culture jars of mushroom grow bags using a grain to grain transfer (G2G).

how to make grain spawn

Working With Agar

Do you want to germinate your own mushroom spores? Have you found a wild specimen that you want to clone? Learning how to work with agar opens up an entirely new world of possibilities. Using agar you can clone, germinate and clean up cultures. 

Agar may seem daunting at first but I’m confident that anyone can master these skills with patience and practice. Learn more about working with agar with our video tutorials and guide.

Do You Want To Get Started?

Are you ready to take the plunge? Working with agar, liquid culture and grain spawn is incredibly rewarding. It’s a valuable skill that allows you to cultivate mushrooms for minimal cost. A gift that allows you to share these fungal delights far and wide with family and friends.

Try Cloning Mushrooms At Home

Learn how to create a mushroom culture at home from a fresh mushroom with our step by step video guide and tutorial.

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