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Make Grain Spawn wihtout a pressure cooker

What Is A Sterilised Grain Spawn Bag?

Each sterilised grain spawn bag has been carefully prepared by hydrating whole oats in a gypsum bath for 24 hours before sterilisation. 

The bag itself features a 0.2 micron filter patch to facilitate fresh air exchange without the contents becoming contaminated. 

Additionally, the self healing injection port allows the user to simply inoculate the grain using a liquid culture syringe with minimal risk of contamination.

Sterilised grain spawn bags make it possible to produce your own mushroom grain spawn without the use of a pressure cooker.

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Self Healing Injection Port For Inoculation With A Liqid Culture Syringe

Why Use A Sterilised Grain Spawn Bag?

Sterilised grain spawn bags are ideal for producing grain spawn in the absence of a pressure cooker and/or laminar flow hood.

Usually making grain spawn requires the sterilisation of grains and subsequent inoculation while following aseptic technique. Results outside of laboratory conditions may vary.

The risk of contamination when producing grain spawn at home can be minimised by using a liquid culture syringe to inoculate a grain spawn bag via the injection port without having to expose the sterile substrate to contaminants in the air.

How Long Does It Take To Colonise?

The mushroom mycelium can take between 14 – 21 days to fully colonise a grain spawn bag. Time frames may vary dependant on the species used and incubation temperature.

The grain spawn bag can be shaken to evenly distribute the colonised grains throughout the substrate to increase the rate of colonisation. This is often done when 30, 50 & 70% colonised.

It’s recommended to always use a liquid culture syringe rather than a spore syringe. Spore syringes often contain unseen bacteria and lead to high rates of contamination whereas a liquid culture syringe should be aseptic and viable ready for take off.

pink oyster mushroom grain spawn

How Can Grain Spawn Be Used?

Once the grain spawn is fully colonised it can be used. The method used with depend on the species you have chosen to cultivate. Some of our most popular species like oyster mushrooms grow well in buckets on sugar cane mulch whereas others like lion’s mane or reishi require a hardwood substrate.

Learn How To Grow Mushrooms In Buckets

A mushroom grow kit is a block of supplemented sawdust that has been sterilised and inoculated with a live mycelium culture in lab conditions.

It’s really simple to use and perfect for the beginner looking to learn about mushroom growing and how to maintain excellent fruiting conditions.

how to grow oyster mushrooms in buckets

Learn How To Make A Monotub

Mushrooms require humidity to grow. We recommend using a mini-greenhouse. Spraying the inside walls of the greenhouse will help raise humidity. A cheap humidifier can used to automate the process.

It’s important to ensure that the grow kit has fresh air exchange. Mushrooms produce carbon dioxide and will grow long and leggy if they require more oxygen. 

Check the product pages for species specific requirements.

Alternatively you can build a Shotgun Fruiting Chamber (SGFC) from a few common items found easily in your local hardware store.

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