How To Fold Mushroom Grow Bags

Learn How To Fold Filter Patch Grow Bags For Sterilising

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What Is A Mushroom Grow Bag?

Mushroom grow bags are special bags made from a plastic which can withstand the extreme conditions within a pressure cooker. Mushroom grow bags are primarily used for the sterilisation of media for the production of grain spawn and heavily supplemented bulk substrates.

Why Use A Mushroom Grow Bag

Mushroom grow bags are used to sterilise media in preparation for the production of grain spawn, agar, liquid culture or bulk substrates with a high level of supplementation, such as masters’ mix.

These filter patch bags allow for fresh air exchange during colonisation while ensuring that the contents remains free from contamination.

When correctly folded and loaded filter patch bags will self seal during the sterilisation process reducing the likelihood of contamination. 

How To Fold A Mushroom Grow Bag

Begin fold a mushroom grow bag by aligning the opening of the bag while squeezing out as much air as possible. The long flap can be folded over and around the substrate block without concertina folds or any additional fixings. 

During the sterilisation process the pressure within the chamber will change which will cause air pockets to expand and be expelled from the bag. Folding the bag over with this method will minimise creases allowing for the exit of air while it heats up.

Upon cooling a vacuum will form within the bag which will cause the opening flap to seal tight. While depressurising any air to re-enter the grow bag will now pass via the filter patch therefore elimination the risk of contamination.

We do not recommend the placement of tyvek or other material in the opening of the bag as this may negatively effect the self-sealing mechanism.

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