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Getting Started Growing Mushrooms

Getting Started With Mushroom Grow Kits

In this guide we have compiled a series of articles covering topics which are often asked by both beginning and advanced mushroom growers alike. There are many and varied techniques which can be used to cultivate mushrooms and other fungi, throughout the course of experimentation you will discover the methods and techniques which work best for you in terms of yield, effort and consistency.

Beginning with the first set of guides which discuss how to use a mushroom grow kit, maintaining humidity, opening a kit and some of our most frequently asked questions. 

yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit

Mushroom Growing Basics

Getting started is easy if you’re prepared. Learn about the core elements involved in growing your own mushrooms from scratch with these mushroom growing basics. 

In these articles we cover what is grain spawn, bulk substrate, fresh air exchange, when to sterilise or pasteurise and maintaining humidity amongst other topics.

What Is Fresh Air Exchange?

SGFC Shotgun Fruiting Chamber

How To Dry & Store Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms With Pasteurisation

Methods involving pasteurisation are recommended for beginners due to the relative simplicity and low risk of contamination. 

Methods involving pasteurisation can normally be undertaken with minimal additional equipment.

Growing Oyster Mushrooms
yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit

Hot Water Pasteurisation

Growing Wine Caps

Making An Outdoor Mushroom Patch

Lion's Mane Mushroom Pakora Vegan Recipe

Growing Mushrooms With Sterilisation

Sterilisation is used for preparing substrates with a higher amount of supplementation, often required for the cultivation of species like lion’s mane and reishi.

These methods often require additional equipment and are undertaken in the presence of a laminar flow hood for best and most consistent results.

Aseptic Technique

Soy hulls for mushroom growing

What Is Liquid Culture?

Making Grain Spawn

Learning to make grain spawn is one of the most rewarding steps a mushroom cultivator will take.  In the follow articles we discuss what is grain spawn, how to make it and the techniques involved.

how to make grain spawn

Making Agar & Liquid Culture

Working with agar and liquid culture can be considered advanced mushroom work and is best done using aseptic technique due to the high risk on contamination. Use agar and liquid culture to preserve mycelium cultures and expand them for use.

Making Transfers On Agar

How To Germinate Spores On Agar

What Is Liquid Culture?

Cooking With Mushrooms

Do you want to learn to grow oyster mushrooms from scratch? Use our online guide to learn the basics of cultivating oyster mushrooms. Some of easiest and most satisfying mushrooms to grow. Perfect for beginners.

Mushroom Profiles

Learn more about the best conditions and substrates to use for cultivating your favourite gourmet mushroom at home.

Brown Oyster Mushroom

yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit

Phoenix Oyster Mushroom

yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit


yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit

Turkey Tail

yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit

Grey Oyster Mushroom

yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit

Chestnut Mushroom

yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit


yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit


yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit

Paddy Straw Mushroom

yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit

Button Mushrooms

yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit

Wood Ear Fungus

yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit


yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit


yellow oyster mushrooms grow kit


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