Maintaining Humidity

The Importance of Humidity & Fruiting Mushrooms

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In this guide we discuss the importance of maintaining high levels of humidity while fruiting mushrooms, techniques used to increase humidity and examples of fruiting chambers that can be assembled at a low cost with varying degrees of automation.

How Much Humidity Is Needed?

The white threads of mycelium which have colonised the moist substrate will continue to require high levels of humidity to form primordia or pins. Primordia are the coral-like formations which will eventually grow into fruiting bodies or mushrooms.

Most mushrooms require higher levels of humidity to trigger pinning. Advanced or partially developed fruiting bodies tend to be more tolerant of fluctuations in humidity. For this reason it’s important to take great care to monitor and maintain increased humidity levels while fruiting mushrooms.

As a general guideline humidity levels are kept over 80%, however the optimum parameters will vary between each species and subsequent variation.

How To Maintain Humidity

Numerous techniques can be employed to create an environment with increased humidity levels. Depending on the micro-climate, in humid regions grow kits may be fruited in open air in a space like a laundry, bathroom or kitchen pantry with regular misting from a spray bottle. It’s important to ensure that the grow kit is kept away from direct sunlight and out of airflow to avoid drying. 

In less humid and arid regions it’s recommended to grow mushrooms in a humidified chamber, crate or greenhouse in combination with regular hand misting or the use of a humidifier.

By incorporating a humidity controller and small USB fan the entire fruiting process can be semi-automated and fine tuned to produce consist results every time.

SGFC Shotgun Fruiting Chamber

Make A Simple, Low Cost Fruiting Chamber

Alternatively, many cultivators will construct a fruiting chamber using a plastic crate or bag which has air holes for fresh air exchange which is crucial to the growth of healthy mushrooms. After spraying the interior sides of the crate the attached water droplets will slowly evaporate which will increase humidity.

A shotgun fruiting chamber is an excellent option for fruiting one or two kits at a time.

Making A Semi-Automatic Greenhouse

Take a closer look at our easy to make semi-automatic greenhouse for fruiting mushrooms all year round. Each component is completely optional and dependant on the needs of the user. 

A semi-automatic greenhouse suitable for fruiting  up to approximately 12 fruiting blocks at once can be assembled for approximately $150.

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