Paddy Straw Mushroom Grain Spawn


The Paddy Straw Mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) grows extremely vigorously. They’re easy to grow and are extremely tolerant of the heat thriving in temperatures over 24 degrees Celsius. They’re one of the most cherished mushrooms throughout Asia considered the most tasty mushroom of all.

Few hobbies are as rewarding as growing your own gourmet mushrooms. It makes for an unforgettable school holiday project or as an exciting way to produce your own food sustainably from your own home.

Our gourmet mushroom spawn is specially tailored to encourage strong mycelium growth from our mushroom species and ensure fast colonisation times and strong yields. Each 1kg bag of grain spawn is suitable for innoculating up to 10kg of substrate.

For beginners we highly recommend our oyster mushroom varieties. Easy to get started and fast to cultivate at home with straw or cardboard.

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Spawn Run: 24 – 35 c 80 – 95% RH

Primordia Formation: 27 – 32 c 90 – 100% RH

Fruitbody Development: 27 – 32 c 85 – 95% RH

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