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Sterile Grain Spawn

Sterile grain spawn jars are suitable for making your own grain spawn at home without the need to spend money on expensive equipment. Each reusable jar contains sterilised oats ready for inoculation and features a specially modified lid for making grain spawn.

  • Filter patch for fresh air exchange
  • Injection port for easy inoculation.
  • Reusable jars.
  • Contains 180 grams of sterile whole oats.
  • 350 ml capacity.
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Make Grain Spawn Without A Pressure Canner

Save time, money & space by making your own grain spawn using our reusable, pre-made, sterile grain spawn jars. 

You may not want to spend extra money on an expensive pressure cooker if you’re producing a small batch or a trial batch of grain spawn. 

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Reusable Grain Spawn Jars

Our grain spawn jars are completely reusable. They can be refilled and used for producing any kind of sterile media including grain spawn, BRF cakes, bulk substrate or liquid culture.

mushroom spawn jar

Self-Healing Injection Port For Easy Use

Every lid features an industry standard self-healing injection port to allow for easy and risk-free inoculation with the liquid culture or spore syringe or your choosing.

self healing injection port for mushroom growing

Purpose Made Filter For Air Exchange

Hydrophobic & germ resistant micron filters are used to allow for optimum fresh air exchange free from contamination to encourage fast & even colonisation of the grain. 

pre-sterilised grain jars for mushroom growing

High Quality Australian Grown Oats

We use locally sourced, Australian grown oats for producing grain spawn. Whole oats provide the ideal structure & nutrition for creating a strong, healthy & vigorous mycelium culture.

oats for making grain spawn

Fast-tracked Delivery Worldwide

International express delivery options available.

Free express delivery within Australia on all orders over $120.

pre-sterilised grain jars for mushroom growing