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How To Make Reusable Grain Spawn Jars

Specially modified jars are used for the production of grain spawn and liquid culture.  Modified mason jars are used to sterilise media in preparation to be inoculated with a live mycelium culture. The jars need to be sealed to maintain the media free from contamination however fresh air exchange is required for the healthy growth of mycelium. The lids are modified to feature a filter for fresh air exchange and a self-healing injection port for easy injection and extraction of liquid cultures.

With these reusable jars you can easily create you own grain spawn or liquid culture with minimal risk of contamination. 

Grain Spawn & Liquid Culture Jars

What You'll Need

For this tutorial you will need glass jars. I recommend using 500 ml jars. You may use the size of your preference. Plastic lids are fine as long as they can withstand the conditions within the pressure cooker. Plastic lids will not rust and have a longer lifespan. 

Inject port for mushroom growing

Step 1. Drill Holes In The Lid

Make 2 holes in each lid. 1 hole in the centre for fresh air exchange  and one near the edge for the injection port. Widen the hole gradually to ensure that the fixings fit tightly in each hole before continuing.

Ball Plastic Wide Mouth Lids

Use plastic mason jar lids to avoid rust and extend the lifespan of your mushroom spawn jars. 

Ball leak-proof mason jars lids are perfect for modifying with with a step drill bit to create the perfect smooth edge before installing filters and injection ports.

Step 2. Prepare Expoxy

Prepare epoxy according to safety directions. Make sure to use gloves as this can be messy.

Step 3. Attach Filters & Injection Ports

Working quickly attach syringe filters to the centre holes and injection ports to the outer holes in each lid. 

Micro pore tape is an excellent filter material on grain spawn jars due to the increased fresh air exchange.

Buy Syringe Filters Online

  • Suitable for mushroom growing
  • 25mm diameter with .22 um pore size
  • Can be autoclaved and sterilized
  •  PTFE membrane is naturally hydrophobic

Step 4. Allow Epoxy To Cure

Allow the epoxy to fully cure before using grain spawn & liquid culture jars.

Learn To Make Grain Spawn & Liquid Culture

Discover how to use modified jars for mushroom growing with our online guide demonstrating how to make grain spawn and how to make liquid culture.

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