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Showing all 7 results

What Is Mushroom Grain Spawn?

Grain spawn is a little known secret weapon of the world of mushroom cultivation. It’s made from sterilised grains that have been inoculated with a live mycelium culture.

Grain spawn contains a lot of energy for the mycelium to consume. It’s a bit like rocket fuel for mushrooms. Once it’s added to your substrate it takes off like wild fire. 

Mother Nature works her magic using spores but in a controlled environment you need to tip the scales in your favour by using clean high-quality grain spawn so you are doing your best to ensure success. 

Looking For Ready To Grow Kits?

A mushroom grow kit is a block of supplemented sawdust that has been sterilised and inoculated with a live mycelium culture in lab conditions.

It’s really simple to use and perfect for the beginner looking to learn about mushroom growing and how to maintain excellent fruiting conditions.

Using Bulk Substrate

A bulk substrate is essential to maximising yields from a bag of grain spawn. Bulk substrates are often prepared with either pasteurisation or sterilisation methods before being inoculated with grain spawn.

Making Grain Spawn

Save money by learning how to make your own grain spawn from scratch using agar cultures, liquid culture or even expand an existing bag of grain spawn. Learn more with our step by step online guide.

Using A Humidifier

Keeping mushrooms humid is key to ensuring consistent yields. A humidifier will ensure that the fruiting chamber has ample humidity to ensure consistently impressive yields. Learn more about maintaining humidity in our online guide.

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